Bitcofarm Ltd. was established in 2010, capitalizing on the exponential growth of both Bitcoin and Altcoins. We acknowledged an investor appetite for a simple-to-use platform which catered to their grand ambitions. So, our team of world-class software engineers – each holding an in-depth understanding of blockchain – built a product to serve both the mining and trading need.

In a short space of time, we established a portfolio strategy relying on technical analysis to inform our approach. We carried out deep-dives into market fundamentals to grow our knowledge-base, then leveraged our new capabilities to create consistently outperforming investment strategies which work with any promising coin. We have experienced remarkable year-on-year growth and remain positive we will only extend our incredible track record.

Bitcofarm Ltd. manages many Bitcoin mining farms across several geographies, with cutting-edge technology creating efficiencies the likes of which other miners struggle to match. Such operational expertise affords us the enviable position of providing guarantees around your potential returns.

Our efforts do not stop there: investment continues in both mining and trading as our confidence in the crypto-market is as steadfast as ever. Currently, Bitcoin remains our focal interest given its status as the highest-traded cryptocurrency.

We remain dedicated to the unrelenting growth of our company; maintaining both mining and trading velocity; while offering an impressive return on investment for anyone using our service. Bitcoin remains the driving force behind the cryptocurrency market. As such, we anticipate a profitable horizon for as far as we can see.

We apply rigorous effort to rationalizing our investment portfolio. Both clients and investors deserve transparency, as delivered via our profit-generating, financially shrewd yet simple-to-use, system. The intuitive design, clear presentation of data, and visibility of investment performance – alongside any capital gains – ensure the best of user experiences.

Our developers are immensely proud of their creation: given the simplicity of the interfaces, which leverage layers of sophisticated technology, we’re not surprised. Anyone would be happy using this platform, safe in the knowledge it benefits from the most advanced, widely-adopted protocols to safeguard both investor data and capital.

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