Affiliate program

Bitcofarm Ltd. wants to be the frontrunner of the crypto-space – plain and simple. We follow investment strategies we know will beat the market over the long-term providing value-added services to clients the world over.

Bearing our ambitions in mind: to provide further support to clients – while supplementing your account with additional funds – we have designed a multi-tiered affiliate program for top-ranking investors. This allows both parties to earn bounties should an existing investor attract another user onto our platform.

Promote Our Platform

Becoming an affiliate of our company is easy:

- Just sign up for an account at which point you’ll get your own affiliate link. You can find this in your control panel.
- Share the URL with whomever, or wherever, you want. If you're going to create an ad, find a template in the control panel to use.
- To review how many referrals you’ve made, check the ‘Your Referrals’ section for a live count.

The best part? You can earn without making a deposit! You’ll receive a commission even if you don’t trade.

Attract Clients
& And Earn

See below for an outline of our program:

If you attract a new client, you earn a commission the moment they place their first trade. When they deposit, you make 8% of the total deposit amount. If the new client attracts another user, you earn 3% on the new user’s deposits. At the final tier, you make 1%.

You receive commissions the second they are applicable: watch as your balance grows while other users enjoy the benefits of our platform.

Tell friends, family, everyone you know about our great platform. Place adverts; do whatever it takes – just make the most of your affiliate earning potential!


Referral program is tiered in 3 levels